The Effect of ICPT (Innovative Cued Pronunciation Training) on Elementary Level Iranian EFL Students' Pronunciation Accuracy and Accent Appropriateness

Document Type : Original Article


1 English department, Faculty of human studies, Semnan University, Iran.

2 English department, faculty of human studies, Semnan University, Iran.


This article investigates the effects of a homework-based pronunciation training method
called ICPT on the pronunciation and accent skills of Iranian EFL learners. It reviews
the historical and theoretical background of L2 pronunciation instruction and the use of
technology to enhance it. It then describes a quasi-experimental study with three groups
of elementary-level learners who received different types of pronunciation instruction
over a period of five weeks. The study measures the learners' comprehensibility and
accentedness at the word and paragraph levels using oral production tests and collected
data from questionnaires to obtain information about the learners' backgrounds and
insights. The results show that ICPT units improved the learners' pronunciation skills
significantly compared to the control group, and were as effective as in-class
pronunciation training. The article presents the implications of these findings for L2
pronunciation instruction on how ICPT units can address the gap between pronunciation
research and practice by offering a flexible, cost-effective, and enjoyable method of
instruction for learners and teachers.


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