Fostering EFL Learners’ Classroom Engagement: Does Collaborative Writing through Google Docs Make a Difference?

Document Type : Original Article


Department of ELT, Kermanshah Branch, Islamic Azad University, Kermanshah, Iran


The present study investigated the the impact of Iranian English as Foreign language (EFL) learners’ collaborative writing through Google Docs on their classroom engagement. To attain the purpose of the study, 50 Iranian EFL learners were selected. Two instruments were used to gather the required data; classroom engagement questionnaire, and a semi-structured interview. At the first session of the class, the first researcher/teacher asked the participants of both groups to fill in the engagement scale as the pre-test. The experimental group received a 60-minute training session to acquaint them with collaborative writing and engage in pre-task modelling of collaboration. During the study intervention, the experimental group received online collaborative writing using Google Docs while the control group underwent conventional methods of teaching. At the end of the treatment, both groups took a post-test. To analyse the obtained data a set of descriptive statistics and independent samples t-test were used. The results revealed that collaborative writing through Google Docs has a significant effect on the participants’ classroom engagement since the participants of the experimental group outperformed the participants of the control group in the post-test. The obtained data from the interview were reported qualitatively. The results revealed participants’ positive view regarding using Google Docs and it provided their ideas regarding its use in future courses. The findings have implications for EFL teachers and learners.


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